Smirnoff Ice “Straight Primpin” Music Video

Looking to tap into the energy of successful young women who play as hard as they work, Smirnoff turned to digital agency 360i and Music and Strategy. Together, they created a music video showcasing what every girl secretly knows –that the best part of the night happens before you even go out.



Unlike standard scoring projects where the music can be crafted to fit the picture, in this case the characters had to be established and developed into the track, before shooting. MAS collaborated creatively with 360i through several writing session to create compelling and humorous lyrics that really brought the girls to life. The track, based on brand asks, straddles the line between pop and hip hop.


MAS handled every stage of the production of the video in addition to the music from concept to completion. This began with sourcing directors, ultimately hiring Jon Jon Augustavo from Hello! (fresh off the success of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ “Thrift Shop” and “Same Love” videos.) It was shot in LA and edited at Final Cut.