Bacardi Loud & Untameable

Bacardi and Barbarian Group were looking to engage new demographics by creating something Loud & Untamable that could be appreciated by fans of various musical genres. MAS - Music and Strategy found Cuban band Yerba Buena who, under the supervision of Grammy-winning producer Andres Levin would work with three different artists to recreate two songs by each artist in a way they had never been heard before.


MAS negotiated deals with White Denim, RDGLDGRN, and Wale, and cleared the publishing rights for the songs they would be performing. Over three shoots in the spring of 2014, Yerba Buena rehearsed new arrangements of each artist's songs with the artists themselves. In a stunning display of musicianship, each song was performed the day after it was rehearsed for the first time. The performances, as well as the rehearsals, were filmed by Stardust.






The project made a huge impact across the web, totaling 88M social impressions, shared by fans across social and digital channels. Full length songs were played by 600K listeners on the Bacardi-sponsored Pandora page and the behind the scenes footage received 4.2M views on Bacardi's YouTube channel. It was truly a mutually beneficial project for the artists and the brand, and above all, resulted in some great music.